After the exertions of completing Hadrian’s Wall in July I have collected £450 in sponsorship for the Wild Trout Trust.

I hope to see Shaun Lennard shortly to hand over the money

Weed growth has never been so great. The insect life is abundant and the river level is good. Plenty of wild fish have been spotted and prospects remain good.

The floods have now receded and the forecast is dry for the next week. Fishing should be good as the river fines down. The latest fly count was the best for some time. It is coming together at last.

The fish are in! The river is ready to go. We have some rain to freshen up the river, but there is a cold wind blowing.

It should all kick off next week.


Spring has arrived and the first mink has been trapped. The first consignment of fish has been ordered for week commencing 15th April.

Most of the bankwork has been done now and all we need is some rain. The river is looking good but is at summer level already.

More clearing of brambles and genreal rubbish. We now have at least three dams of the stuff to be cleared. When will it rain.

Major blockage caused by two roots has been removed and should assist the flow in that stretch, but it will take some help to remove the roots from the river..

Back to the gardening!

Today I have made a start with the preparations for the new season. The river is looking good but we could do with a good flood to wash out all of the debris. The bottom of the beat is now clogged up with cuttings and brambles but that should be rectified no Friday.

Started putting a simple website together and am looking forward to hearing what you think and what I need to add.


                      …to the Sussex School of Fly Fishing. Here we hope to make fly fishing fun, easy and enjoyable. At first glance casting a fly across the water appears an impossible task and yet, with a little help, it becomes remarkably easy. It is not a trial of strength, only to be done successfully by large and powerful individuals. This activity is accomplished by both sexes as it really boils down to technique and timing and not brute strength.